Don’t Delay. Donate Today!

We all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year don’t forget Big Brothers Big Sisters during this Giving Season!

The adverse affects of growing up in a traumatic or unstable home or situation can lead to lifelong difficulties in relationships, economics and health in the life of a child. It takes only one thing to reverse those negative affects. A caring stable adult!

After 6-year-old Saleen lost her dad, she was matched with Big Sister Myra. The match was an instant success. Unfortunately, a few years into their match, Big Sister Myra was diagnosed with cancer. During Myra’s treatment, the two kept in touch through phone calls and cards. Saleen and her mom even ran a 5K to raise money for cancer research. Today, Myra is doing well. Their match, and Saleen’s potential, is stronger than ever. But matches like Saleen and Myra’s are only possible with donations like yours.



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