We match our volunteers (Bigs) one-to-one with local youth (Littles) to ignite mentoring relationships that change lives. The impact a Big has on a Little's life is huge. Studies show Littles in our program do better in school, avoid risky behaviors, and have more positive relationships with family & peers. But it's a two-way street. We hear from Bigs everyday how having a Little has changed their own life for the better.

Everyone is unique, and that's why there are different ways to volunteer. Choose from our different volunteer programs. You can even volunteer as a Big Couple or a Big Family.

When you become a Big, you're a part of the largest network of mentors across the nation. People just like you who have chosen to stand with our community's youth. And we need you. There are hundreds of Littles here in Southern Minnesota waiting for a Big right now.

It's time. Become a defender of potential. Become a Big.

Note: Megan is talking specifically about our Community-Based program, but our School-Site program also follows the same matching process.