Your Gift Will Change a Life

Today, your gift will change a life.
  We know that matching children with caring, engaged mentors changes lives. When you donate, you support matches like Janet & Nena.   Nena has been through a lot in her life, but one thing is for sure: Janet has been by her side through all of it. After 9 years of being matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters, the pair is so glad to have each other. “Nena has absolutely changed my life for the better,” said Janet. “I want to continue being there for Nena in any way I can be.”  

Lately, Janet & Nena’s conversations have turned toward plans after high school. The match uses opportunities through Big Brothers Big Sisters to explore different career & college paths. “Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped me in many ways, such as helping me understand different careers and how they work,” said Nena. “I enjoy talking to Janet about the careers I’m interested in.  She always gives good feedback and advice.  Nena’s future plans include attending college and becoming either a lawyer or police officer.

  Matches like Janet & Nena’s are possible with donations like yours. Today, stand with us and be a Defender of Potential.

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