Serenity is Waiting


Navigating school when you are in first grade can be tricky in the best of circumstances, but when you transition in the middle of the year it can be challenging.  Serenity transitioned to her new school with flying colors last February when she moved back home with her mom.  She is starting her second-grade year with a little more confidence.  Serenity’s mom thinks having another adult role model in her life would be a positive influence for her. 

Serenity is a typical nine-year-old with a few challenging circumstances.  She enjoys school, loves to learn and her favorite subject is math.  She looks forward to having a Big Sister to help her with homework.  In fact, Serenity’s expectations of a Big are pretty small.  She would love to bake cookies, go swimming, watch movies or just spend time together with her Big.

You don’t need to be a hero to make a difference in someone’s life.  Just showing up and being there for one of our 200 plus Littles waiting for a Big makes you a hero in their eyes. 

Our Bigs come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees, or job skills, just the passion to want to positively impact a young person’s life.  Role models come in all shapes and sizes, and you could be a perfect fit.

If you have been thinking about Big Brothers Big Sisters and have thought about becoming a Big, now is the time.  Besides our traditional matches of a Big with a Little, we also encourage couples to become a Big Couple or families to join as a Big Family. It is a great way to involve your spouse and children in the match.  Our Littles enjoy doing the normal things your family already is doing. 

Serenity’s mom hopes that after high school, Serenity will go on to college.  Getting her involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters increases her chances of achieving that goal.  Mentored youth are 75% more likely to graduate from college. For now, however, Serenity is looking for someone to help her through second grade.  Could that someone be you? 

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