Having fun. Staying active. Changing lives.

The Sports Buddies Program gives Littles, along with their Bigs, the opportunity to engage in sports & physical activities while promoting healthy lifestyles. Fully funded by our Agency Partner Gopher Sport, Sports Buddies activities are free of cost for Bigs and Littles. The program has opened countless Littles' eyes to new and healthy activities. There are three types of activities in the Sports Buddies program, and each changes lives in different ways:


We organize more than 50 sports-related activities a year for our Bigs & Littles. Matches enjoy gaga ball, dodgeball, basketball, kickball, pickle ball, and more. Some of the kids in our program have never experienced playing a sport outside of gym class. From these activities, Littles learn sportsmanship, develop teamwork, and simply have fun.


Some sporting activities are out of reach for many of our Littles. Things like horseback riding, golfing, archery, fishing, and doing yoga require special equipment, instruction, and transportation. Sports Buddies makes it possible for our Littles to have these otherwise unattainable experiences.


Through Sports Buddies, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides tickets and transportation to big sporting events like the Timberwolves, Wild, Twins, United, and Gophers. For some of our Littles and Bigs, this is the first time they have the opportunity to see a professional team live. Outings like this not only create great memories, but they ignite a love of the game that lasts a lifetime.

If you are a Big looking to attend Sports Buddies activities with your Little, check your monthly Big News for opportunities and how to sign-up. You can also check our Match Activity Calendar to see an overview of what's coming up.

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