Get Involved

There are many ways to support the mission of changing children's lives for the better, forever.

Non-mentoring Volunteer

A non-mentoring volunteer is someone who is devoted to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters and plays a vital role in its success by offering their talents to promote the agency, recruit supporters and assist with events in the community.
You can help! We know that word-of-mouth referrals are the number one reason others decide to get involved. Here are a few ways non-mentoring volunteers can raise more awareness and support for Big Brothers Big Sisters:

  • Serve on a Big Brothers Big Sisters committee
  • Help with promoting and organizing Big Brothers Big Sisters events
  • Help out with large mailings and office tasks 
  • Use your talents to create ads and other potential marketing/graphic designs for Big Brothers Big Sisters, our programs and events
  • Write about your experiences in your employee/school/church newsletter
  • Ask a BBBS employee to come speak at your place of employment or an organization you belong to
  • Post flyers or information about BBBS at local businesses or community organizations
  • Speak at a BBBS Volunteer Orientation or help at a BBBS booth
  • Help update agency materials, including scrapbooks, match activity lists, photo collages, and more...

If you have any questions about how you can become a non-mentoring volunteer, please contact Megan at 507-414-0308 or [email protected].