Trust is a Big Thing

Johnathan is a delightful, energetic 10-year-old waiting for a Big.  He is matched in our School-site program with a high school Big.  They meet weekly at Johnathan’s school.  They play games, work on academics and have lunch during their time together.  Having a high school Big is great, but Johnathan would love to have another caring adult in his life who could take him out in the community and be someone he can talk to. 

Johnathon lives with his aunt and uncle, who he now considers mom and dad.  However, prior to this his living arrangements were somewhat uncertain at times.  He loves his new home and school and the addition of a Big Brother or Big Couple in his life would give him the extra support he needs.

Johnathon loves reading, playing games and going to the park.  He also loves gym class but doesn’t like tests at school.  Johnathon has three dogs and one cat and according to him, the cat rules the house.  Johnathan likes just about any activity that includes running.  He is very talkative and would love to find a Big who is a good listener and wants to do things together.  

 “Trust is a big thing for me.” Johnathan remarks.  Being able to talk freely about his life, school and relationships with someone outside of his immediate family is important for him.  Statistics show that all risk factors from adverse childhood experiences can be offset by one thing: a stable caring adult. (Research from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).  Johnathan’s potential is limitless.  Stand with us today and defend that potential. 

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